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About my Pelvic Therapy

Angela Fishman, PT and owner of My Pelvic Therapy

Meet Angela


It started with a weekend retreat to Michigan. After realizing that several of the fabulous women in my family that weekend had some type of bladder challenge, I decided to pursue further training for treating this very common problem. I knew that muscles were often the culprit, and that simple exercises could make a big difference. 

As I began to treat people with bladder and pelvic challenges, I was struck by the fact that bladder problems did not exist in isolation—often there were coexisting challenges of back pain, hip pain, postural problems, pelvic pain, or high levels of stress and anxiety, all of which can influence the bladder. 

Effective treatment of the bladder meant addressing all of these problems at the same time—one whole human being. It seems obvious now, but back then, I was just learning how to put the whole picture together.

Now I have a full appreciation of just how closely our whole body and pelvis are integrated, and how the path to successful relief of symptoms is ultimately about balancing the power of the pelvis.


For some, this means working on strengthening, and for others it means teaching the muscles how to relax and coordinate better. Either way, without a strong core as a base, the body cannot function optimally. 


Whether you're trying to improve your bladder control, return to exercise after baby, or jumpstart your core and pelvic floor fitness plan, my aim is to help you reach your health goals and in turn improve your quality of life, all through the convenience of telehealth.


Prioritize your pelvic health.

You're worth it.

Angela is the owner of My Pelvic Therapy, PLLC and a licensed physical therapist. Prior to starting her telehealth private practice, she worked as a senior physical therapist for 17 years at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, specializing in helping both women and men overcome their pelvic floor challenges. She received her physical therapy degree from Duke University, and is a lifelong learner of all things PT.

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