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About My Pelvic Therapy

With over 20 years of experience in treating pelvic floor problems, I understand how deeply personal these challenges can be, affecting not only your physical well-being but also your emotional and mental health.

That's why I named my private practice "My Pelvic Therapy" – your pelvic health is a unique and personal journey, and you deserve private, one-on-one care for tailor-made physical therapy solutions to your own individual pelvic floor problem.


You also deserve convenience. Not only are programs designed to take 10 minutes or less per day to complete, but your PT is also delivered virtually. No more having to find a sitter, take time off work, or turn your life upside down just to receive care.

Join me in transforming your pelvic health so you can feel confident, comfortable, and in control. Together, we'll navigate the path to a healthier, stronger pelvic floor.

Click the button above to schedule time to talk.

It's your first step to getting help and it's free!


Angela Fishman, PT

Licensed Physical Therapist and
Pelvic Health Specialist

Angela is the owner of My Pelvic Therapy, PLLC and a licensed physical therapist. Prior to starting her telehealth private practice, she worked as a senior physical therapist for 17 years at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, specializing in helping both women and men overcome their pelvic floor challenges. She received her physical therapy degree from Duke University, and is a lifelong learner of all things PT.

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