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Telehealth Pelvic Physical Therapy for Men 

Got Questions? Get Answers!

An older gentlemen resting on side of pool, finally able to swim after abolishing his incontinence

Bladder Symptoms

Whether you have leakage following prostate surgery, urinary urgency and frequency from an enlarged prostate, or just don't feel like your core is your powerhouse anymore, pelvic physical therapy may be your ticket to getting back in the game.

 Pelvic Pain 

Pain anywhere in the pelvis can often times be related to too much tension in the pelvic floor muscles, and can respond well to pelvic floor physical therapy.

Back pain commonly accompanies pelvic pain, as does pain and tightness in the hips, postural problems, and core weakness. Physical therapists are uniquely positioned to analyze and tease out all the different factors that lead to an increase in pelvic floor muscle tension.

Man smiling after conquering his pelvic floor symptoms

Pelvic Floor Problems

in Men 

Pelvic floor challenges are not just for women. Men have issues too, though those issues can at times look a little different. Treatment however often looks surprisingly similar!

Muscles too weak?

Learn exercises and strategies to strengthen your pelvic floor and entire core to get control over your urinary complaints.

Muscles too tense?

Learn strategies to decrease that pelvic floor muscle tension and ease the associated pelvic pain.

When muscles are involved, turn to the muscle specialists—physical therapists

Man running with bridge in background after healing his pelvic pain

Get solutions

Don't throw in the towel—get the facts! And learn how to safely retrain your pelvic floor and core from the comfort of your own home to get back to doing what you love.


Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to see if telehealth pelvic physical therapy may be right for you.

Men do have pelvic floors!

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