Postpartum pelvic problems? 

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Pelvic Therapist

Bringing home baby 

How can this adorable little bundle be the start of so many problems?! While we'd do it all again in a heartbeat, the sometimes unexpected bumps in the road after bringing home a newborn can catch us off guard. Luckily, there are simple yet powerful steps you can take to get back on your feet and enjoy your new little one.


Regain the power of your pelvis.

Tummy still feeling 6 months pregnant? Worried about abdominal diastasis?

Back hurt from holding the baby, changing the baby, rocking the baby, feeding the baby, changing the baby, kissing the baby, bathing the baby, changing the baby?

Worried about sitting on your new stitches, and if you'll ever feel normal again "down there"?

Think that leaking with a sneeze is normal for a new mom?

Get the facts! And learn how to safely retrain your core, pelvic floor, and postural muscles to make caring for your new baby, and you, a breeze.

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