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Postpartum Physical Therapy Gift Cards

Pregnant mother with hands over her eyes, surrounded by an explosion of pink vapor during a gender reveal

Blow her away with a gift card for postnatal physical therapy!

This unique gift gives mom the postpartum guidance she needs to safely recover her core and pelvic floor strength, all in the comfort and convenience of her own home.

Mother and Baby
  • A full hour of expert physical therapy coaching online with a licensed pelvic floor Physical Therapist via secure video

  • Exercises customized exclusively for mom, to help guide her to safe recovery of her pelvic floor and core strength after baby

  • A simple screening for diastasis recti, a separation in the abdominal muscles that sometimes persists after pregnancy

  • Strategies for feeding, holding, lifting, and caring for baby without breaking her back

Help mom fill the gap between prenatal and postnatal care.
Give her the gift of a strong pelvic floor and core after baby.

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