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Women feeling confident swimming after conquering their incontinence


The Problem

Feeling frustrated with your bladder? 


Bladder problems are more than just a nuisance; leakage can affect nearly every aspect of your life. Maybe you use pads to control it, limit how much you drink, cross your legs when you sneeze, or map out every bathroom in town. Maybe you avoid exercising, going out with friends, or playing with your kids for fear of leaking. The shame, embarrassment, the feelings of isolation may have kept you from seeking a solution. Or maybe you didn’t realize these things were a problem at all, that they were just a “normal” part of aging or being a woman.

Strengthening your Pelvic Floor and Core Muscles


Often the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles become weak and uncoordinated, whether you've had children or not. This can lead to frustrating and embarrassing problems controlling your bladder.


But where to start? There are hundreds of exercises available on the internet, but which ones are right for you? Where do you start? Which exercises are safe?


Get your own personalized program of pelvic floor and core exercises, which are individually tailored to address your specific circumstances and needs by a licensed pelvic health physical therapist.

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The Solution
Woman running, with core and pelvic floor muscles engaged to avoid bladder leakage

Prefer an online class setting to strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles?


Join our 6-week Fitness Challenge!  

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