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Postpartum Recovery Session

Start your postpartum recovery period on the right foot

  • 1 hour
  • 139 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Our pelvic floor and core can take a hit after giving birth, regardless of how you deliver. And especially when it’s your first baby, it can be hard to know what’s "normal" and what’s not. It can be even harder to know how to start exercising safely again. Eliminate all the guesswork and the internet searches—get your questions answered by a pelvic floor expert and get back to enjoying your new baby, all from the convenience of your own home. Your Postpartum Recovery Session includes: *One full hour wellness coaching session with a licensed pelvic floor Physical Therapist, via a secure HIPAA-compliant video call *Customized exercise program to safely jumpstart your pelvic floor and core, and help you ease back into a fitness routine (hint: more than kegels and less than crunches…) *Screening for diastasis recti, a separation in the abdominal muscles that can persist after pregnancy and can contribute to weakness of your core *Strategies for feeding, holding, lifting, and caring for baby without breaking your back *Answers to questions you may have about common postpartum complaints, and guidance on what to do if your problem or symptoms require more formal medical attention *Free copy of "The Fourth Trimester: Solutions to Common Postpartum Challenges" Whether you are 1 week or 1 year postpartum, a wellness check can help you navigate the changes that occur after pregnancy, and get you on your way to better pelvic health. Click on the "Book an Appointment" button below to sign up for your online Postpartum Recovery Session, and jumpstart your pelvic floor and core!

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