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Welcome to My Pelvic Therapy!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

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Hello and Welcome to My Pelvic Therapy Blog!

Nothing like starting a new business during a pandemic! And yet, the decision in late 2019 to start a specialized Telehealth Pelvic Physical Therapy practice seems predestined--who could actually foresee the need for "social distancing"?

Regardless of a pandemic, what I foresaw was a need to take a specialized type of physical therapy—which for patients is often embarrassing, difficult to talk about, and demands a high level of privacy—and take it online. What could be more comfortable, private and safe than getting your pelvic floor physical therapy in your own home via your own computer, tablet or phone? Social distancing is just a bonus.

Telehealth also removes other barriers—taking off work to travel to the clinic, managing parking, getting a babysitter, checking insurance coverage. Not to mention dealing with the anxiety that builds as you wait in the waiting room for the therapist to call your name. Will I be embarrassed? Will there be other patients around? Will I have to undress? How long will this take? How much will this cost?

I created My Pelvic Therapy to help eliminate all of that. You'll know exactly what to expect before you even start, and can get all your questions answered ahead of your appointment. You are in control—no surprises. What a nice change of pace.

I created this Blog to help people who like to help themselves. I'll be providing what I hope you will find to be helpful information on your quest for a happier bladder, core, back and pelvis. Check back here often for new articles pertaining to all things pelvic floor, such as "Why do I leak when I sneeze?", "How can I get my belly flatter after having my baby?", "Do men have pelvic floors?", and many more. Or subscribe below to receive an email when new content is available.

So let's do this thing. I'm happy you're here!

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About the Author:

Angela is the owner of My Pelvic Therapy, PLLC and a licensed physical therapist. Prior to starting her telehealth private practice, she worked as a senior physical therapist for 17 years at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, specializing in helping both women and men overcome their pelvic floor challenges. She received her physical therapy degree from Duke University, biology degree from University of Illinois, and is a lifelong learner of all things PT.

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