Bladder Health Month—Week 4

Woman waking up again to use the bathroom
Answering the call of nature, again

Welcome to Week 4 of Bladder Health Month! The Urology Care Foundation is highlighting different bladder conditions each week. What’s up for this week? Nocturia (getting up at night to void) and Bedwetting.

Did you know:

Source: The Urology Care Foundation

Tip #1: When you read about "bedwetting", it usually refers to enuresis in children. If you are an adult and you wet the bed, you will find this resource more helpful. Remember, you are not alone and there are effective treatments out there, so reach out for help!

Tip #2: If you are an adult who wakes at night to void more than once per night, see this post for more information and tips to try for a better night's sleep.

Remember, many specialists are equipped to assist you or your child with any bladder problems you may be experiencing, including your primary care physician; your child's pediatrician; an OB-GYN, urogynecologist, or urologist; or you can schedule a virtual appointment with me for guidance. Pelvic physical therapy is a first-line treatment for many bladder conditions, including overactive bladder and stress urinary incontinence.

Take time out today to tackle your bladder problems

Happy Bladder Health Month, Week 4!

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